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  • BConnected Allows You to Use your Aventura BCycle Annual Membership in Broward!

    by Tiffany Olson | Apr 20,2017

    How to use your Aventura BCycle Annual Membership at Broward BCycle in Broward:

    1. Bring your Aventura BCycle membership card and credit card that is linked to your annual membership to Broward BCycle.
    2. On your first visit to an Broward BCycle B-station, select BConnected when identifying your user type. You will be prompted to enter the phone number associated with your Aventura membership. You will receive a text message to verify your account.
    3. Swipe your credit card associated with your Aventura annual membership account. Accept Broward BCycle user agreement and  usage fees.
    4. Voila! you are ready to ride!
    5. Continue to select BConnected at subsequent checkouts throughout the system. Your phone lookup will allow you to checkout bikes using a text message password.

    The fine print:
    1. The system rules and usage fees are charged by the program where the trip took place.
    2. The BCycle customer service team can assist you while using their bikes.
    3. Bikes should not move between systems - don't ride your Broward BCycle back to Aventura!

    BConnected is also available in these participating systems:
    AborBike - Ann Arbor, MI     
    Austin B-cycle - TX
    Battle Creek B-cycle - MI
    BikeLNK - Lincoln, NE
    Boulder B-cycle - CO
    Broward BCycle, Broward County, FL
    Bublr Bikes - Milwaukee, WI
    Charlotte B-cycle - NC
    Cincy Red Bike - Cincinnati, OH
    Clarksville BCycle - TN
    Columbike - Columbus, IN
    Des Moines B-cycle - IA
    El Paso B-cycle - TX
    Fort Worth Bike Sharing - TX
    Great Rides Bike Share - Fargo, ND
    GREENbike - Salt Lake City, UT
    Greenville B-cycle - SC
    Heartland B-cycle - Omaha, NE
    Houston B-cycle - TX
    Jackson County Bcycle - MI
    Kansas City B-cycle - MO
    Link Dayton Bike Share - Dayton, OH
    Madison B-cycle - WI
    McAllen B-cycle - TX
    Nashville B-cycle - TN
    OKC Spokies - OK
    Pacers Bikeshare - Indianapolis, IN
    Rapid City B-cycle - SD
    Swell Cycle - San Antonio, TX
    Spartanburg BCycle - SC

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